Is it a crime to be single?

Most of the time, when people ask me if I’m single and I say yes. They never seem to believe it or maybe they think it’s impossible for anyone to be single. 

Even though most people today, I might consider to be single because they stay in relationships that is sometimes a open relationship, we are just friends with benefits tagline ( which in my own opinion,you can just flat out say that people just want to have sex but are too broke or think highly of themselves to pay a professional for sex). 

My believe is nowadays people are getting sex for free. They get it without paying, makes me think of what the world has become. Their excuse is they don’t want to emotionally invest. They don’t want the responsibility of understanding  another human being. They dont want attachments. Well, why don’t they just be single? Because I think being in a open relationship is good till someone catches the feelings then it becomes awkward. Then either they decide to be in a relationship or just move on in search of someone who can’t catch feelings. Which in my opinion is impossible. Human being have emotions for a reason. 

Most of the time, some people are hurt from the past. Some are just selfish. Think about themselves. But still want the pleasure of life. It is better to be single than try to change the way life works. The way human emotions are meant to function because at the end of the day. People get hurt. Walls get built. More insecurities flood in. The more messed up one becomes if you think you can walk through different people with the aim of not getting emotionally attached in some sort of way. It isn’t a crime to be single if you need to focus on yourselves for a while. But don’t be selfish enough to go through life thinking you can use people and not be affected negatively by it. Each person brings so much baggage to the table in your life. Choose wisely who you want to be with. Be single if you want to be. But open relationships might not be my cup of tea and those who do it. It’s their choice. But there are consequences in every thing you do in life. Stay safe. 

15 Replies to “Is it a crime to be single?”

  1. Yes! “Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re strong enough to wait for who you deserve.” I totally agree with you! Great post shared from real life experience!

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  2. I’ve been single (ever since) so it’s really not a crime at all!!! You complete yourself and nothing else, if you found someone that you will commit to a relationship that’s just a bonus gift from God. Coz our existence alone is complete.

    Thanks for this post! 🙂

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