Why do ex’s come back when you already moved on.?

Yes, even though I have dated a lot of guys. ( I’m not proud of the long list) but yeah i still get surprises that no matter how many times I have broken up with a guy. They never come back when I want them to. 

It is totally when I have moved on they walk back into my life. Before, I would get paranoid and think maybe they were watching me. Maybe, they could see me from wherever they were or they had super powers or something. Maybe they got a notification saying she has moved on. Go get her !! Right now!!! So you can make her remember the wounds and the hurt. Funny thing is they haven’t change. Still possess those reasons why you broke up in the first place. Some just come back just to show up once in a while, to see if you still have feelings towards them. They just want to know. The joy I guess they get from it. I had an ex who I knew the exact time and period he would show up. Saying he wanted me back and if I said no, he would get angry and say mean stuff. Tell me he would never come back. 

But then after a series of repeated behaviour, I figured it’s just going to be same old same old. I just had to say no then have him flip and say the same thing, then dissappear. It’s so crazy how I use to get so manipulated. 

I thought them coming back meant that things would be different. But, say no to an ex and he would remind you exactly why it didn’t work out. I’m sure everyone experiences this. If you haven’t. I don’t know why. 

But, I have pretty much grown up so much to the extent that I don’t take back exes. When you leave. You go forever. There is no way back to me. It’s just a one time chance to get it right. Experience is the best teacher. 

6 thoughts on “Why do ex’s come back when you already moved on.?

  1. I tell my friends this all the time– EX’s ALWAYS come back. ALWAYS. Even if it’s just to say Hello. They’re never really gone forever…and if they are, its a rare circumstance. You’re right, when they leave, they might as well leave forever. Why come back?!…I feel you girl.

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  2. hehe, this is rather hilarious & spilling some of that Truth Tea at the same time 😄☕️ Experience certainly is the most brutal teacher, It’s only because you strive to see the purest intent in people, that perhaps you hope for the best. Your optimism is a blessing, even if people have taken advantage of it sadly. & yes, a situation doesn’t change with time, but when people change, so nothing’s going to be different if the problems aren’t resolved, & if the person hasn’t changed at all along with that. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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