Finally barbie dolls we can all relate to. 

Yes !!!!! Im so thrilled !!! Though i’m too old to play with barbie dolls anymore but as a child I didnt really care or saw it as anything except a doll that i could dress up and do crazy childish things with. This takes me back to the silly stuff i did. Well we all have been there ( I actually fed my dolls thinking they could eat , now that i think of it i was really wierd to think that way lol ). I wish they had thought about this before. Instead of creating one certain standard of beauty which was western looking. This definitely was the birth of stereotypes. Not having to see yourself in a barbie collection for sure gave the views that your look was inferior. With the media always glamourising this same notion too. Creating a doll for young kids need to be thought about with serious thoughts. Well, I must say I am pretty happy with the new diverse barbie collection. We can finally all relate to barbies because they don’t just have skinny bodies or straight hair anymore.  Yes, I have curly hair. And yes I am thrilled to see a barbie with curly hair. 

A barbe with an afro. A chinese looking barbie. Basically they have done a great job. Now our future children can pick up barbies that look like them and feel beautiful to be the way they are. 

The collections of barbie include all shapes, hair color, hair texture, facial features etc etc. Way to go people !!! How can we forget ken dolls who look just absolute perfection. The nerd ken, the boy-next-door ken, the dark skin/so-hot ken doll, the corporate ken doll etc etc. Yayyayayayyayayyayay.  I don’t know why I’m so excited. But yeah. I am excited. I feel like going to buy all of them. Well, I probably wouldn’t but I am tempted lol. 

Beauty is not in the shape you carry. Beauty is not in the color you have. Nor the hair type. It is within. And I’m glad that barbie is changing it’s views too and encouraging beauty in diversity.

25 Replies to “Finally barbie dolls we can all relate to. ”

    1. First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you for nominating me for this award. To a new blogger it is such an amazing feeling to get this recognition. I totally accept it with a huge heart..thank you once again.
      Secondly, beauty yes no doubt can be shown even with a smile. A smile gives a passage to someone’s heart, spirit and soul. I hope I am making sense. Lol. But ultimately a smile comes from within. So beauty starts from within. Thank you again. 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤

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      1. You are very much welcome! Awards are a way for bloggers to know each other and getting close to the community. I hope you will enjoy your time and the effort you are pouring into your blog! All the best. 😀

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  1. If only they did this ages ago!! great post and i am so glad barbies do not carry this ridiculous body shaming idea anymore. i’m quite new to blogging so would love it if you could check out my page and give me a follow? it would be really appreciated :)xx

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    1. Okay. I shall check out your blog as well. And yes if only they did this from the very beginning but I guess it’s good they realised how effective barbies are to the way we grow up thinking abt our differences.

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      1. children are so easily influenced and if they see olders influenced by something like toys then they will be effected too!x

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      2. Exactly. If older people can get easily influenced. What not just little kids who hv no experience at all of life but children do learn from what they see adults do.

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