My addiction to clash of clans. 

Clash of clans is one game that I have been glued to for the past 3-4 months. It’s basically waking up, checking on my clan,retrieving my golds/elixir,taking my troops on a battle mission, clear my village so I could get some gems, make sure to attack a village within my strength, win or lose ( I most definitely love to win lol ), put another set of troops loading, till then I wait. Then the same process again and again.


For those who don’t play clash of clans, it might sound boring. Like naahhh. I couldn’t do that. But those who do, yes you guys, you know what the addiction feels like. I tell my friends ( girls and boys included) , I would have thought that this was kind off like a boys dream game. Like go kill some people, steal some golds,  destroy a village….. pretty badass right?  But to some of my guy friends. They don’t get my addiction. They just wonder what joy I get in it. And I’m like always super pumped up to talk about it with all my strength. 

I know there are many, like billions of people around the globe that play clash of clans.  But I haven’t really met any of them yet. But, I know that I could chat up with them though on the game, sadly some contents aren’t really up to my taste. But yeah. I wish I had more friends that loved Coc just like I do. Are there any clash of clans addicts too. If you are. Holla up here. Haha. Would love to hear about your addiction and feel the mutual excitement that we share for this awesome awesome awesome game. 

I told a friend the other day that I never felt more empowered like how I feel when I destroy some really great villages. Steal a huge amount of gold from them. Get the complete star (3 stars). And feel awesome lol. It just makes me feel badass. For those who haven’t played it yet. Trust me once you do, you are never going to stop. I’m pretty surprised that though I’m not a patient person ( you have to be with coc ). I am still addicted. Because I love this game so much, I’m really patient when it comes to the troops loading ( it doesn’t really take forever, but yes takes time). At first, I would get impatient and use up all my gems but then I realised I nedeed the gems to get more builders. Hahaha. If you are not a coc player…you might just be wondering what the hell she saying. Well coc rocks. I’m going to keep on playing till eternity. 
Have a nice day. #postaday


36 thoughts on “My addiction to clash of clans. 

      1. Hahaha. I’m somewhere still in the low level of the chain. Hahaha. I’m still a kid in the game. Maybe that is why I’m so addicted. I need to get to the top. But it sure takes a lot of time how long did it take you to get to the top? Years? 😉

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      2. Yeah I’ve been playing for about 3 years. It’s takes a bit to get higher. But nowhere near how long it takes from TH7 and up. Upgrades take a week or more and cost almost the max storage capacity lol

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