Review on 13 reasons why series.

I have been waiting to write a tell-all of what I think about the famous series, 13 reason why. I knew I had to watch it when everyone around me kept talking about how it made them emotional. How they loves the suicide part of the series ? Yes, a friend of mine can’t stop talking about how hannah killed herself so gracefully. My eyes literally popped up in surprise like how does suicide become graceful ? Or how does someone slitting her hand and bleeding to death was so beautifully enacted.  I just can’t get my head wrapped around that thought process though.

The series begins with clay entering school. Posters , flowers and the atmosphere talks about the tragic death of hannah baker. Someone who I think was so difficult to understand. Was she like a normal teenager ? Yes, I guess but her path was really rough and she was a naive little girl. I’m someone who cries in movies. I literally love movies that make me cry because then I feel It impact me. Such movies are considered legendary like titanic, the notebook, passion of christ, etc.

 But, for some reason I didn’t cry much. Even when hannah died in a pool of her own blood. I think I was a little disconnected from Hannah because of the way she rejetted clay who loved her. She wanted the attention of the wrong people. She was constantly getting into trouble. I don’t condole bullying and yes I get the story line. People need to be mindfully the words they speak, how they treat other people, the actions they make, the way they live their lives should never be at the cost of someone else. It just takes one word, one action, one situation to drive someone to commit suicide.

Maybe, I just didn’t think that all those things shouldn’t encourage you to kill yourself.  My heart didn’t go with the fact that she killed herself. Many people in today’s world go through so much but don’t take their lives because they just got stronger. Maybe at the end of the episode I expected hannah to become stronger, to rise above the situation, to finally find happiness within, to stop seeking people’s love, to mature and grow. But, I didn’t get that. 

Instead she committed suicide. She gave up. She didn’t get stronger. She lost her life. And I couldn’t cry. 

The producers no doubt did a good job in bringing to light different situations that students go through in college. The constant fight to not be invincible. The betrayal of friends. Being bullied. Being humiliated. The college staffs not being attentive enough to tackle such things before a student loses their life. So I get the part where the bakers sue the school for negligence. But, can a school try to be all attentive? Maybe yes or no. But, they could try to. 

But, I believe that as a part of media. People who make movies, series, songs etc have a huge responsibility to the media consuming society as to what they put out there for viewing. I feel like the issue of suicide should have been put together more carefully. Due to the fact that there are teenagers out there that believe in whatever they see through the mind. People who aren’t strong enough to create opinions of their own and are easily influenced by the contents of the media. Yes, the series kindoff justified commuting suicide which is what I didn’t agree to. Recently, a teenager committed suicide and enacted the same things hannah baker did. Which is to tell you how powerful a message could be if put together by a media platform. Though it was fictional but it gave a reality to many young people out there.

So, to all the Hannah bakers out there. Please don’t take your life. I want you to know that you are not alone in your suffering. When faced with such bully. Kindly confide in your parents. Dont give up on them because they love you. Know you are loved. You don’t need gratification from people that don’t make any difference in your life. You have a bright future. Nothing is ever permanent. You will get through it. You are strong and not weak. You are an amazing person. Most of the people that are successful and are great have been through ridicule, bullies, shameful incidents but what matters is they got out of it and became great. You have the abilit to be great. Don’t give up on yourself.

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