That embarrassing moment when……

I’m pretty we have all been there, where you see someone you know…could be a classmate, a co-worker, an acquaintance, your friend’s friend who you got introduced to few days or a month back etc etc. Yeah, that moment when you see a person of that relation at a bar or at school, in church, on the street, at a party. And you keep thinkin to yourself, do I say hello or not. Will the person ignore? I want to time myself right so I don’t get into any snubbing embarrassment or what if the person is a snub? What if they might not recognise me? Yeah. A friend of mine told me I think too much but everyone does. 

I recently ran into a ex-classmate in school. So normally we say hello to eachother. But, this time around. I was with a friend and she was approaching me. I decided to say hello not to come across as a snub. I waved at her and our eyes met. She then walked past me. And I was so embarrassed. Though she was on the phone but I kept thinking our eyes met. You saw me!!! Like show some acknowledgment girl!!! I said hello just to be polite and you ignore!!! This is one of the reasons I hate saying hello to people and then sometimes I am accused of being attitude-ish. I later on told a guy friend of mine who knew her and he was like why do girls think too much about little things and I’m like you don’t know how it feels when someone does that to you in public. It is like the whole world stopped and stared at your awkward moment. They noticed it. They made fun of you. They saw you being ignored. Haha. I guess I exagerated that a bit. But,  yeah it does feel that way. Like as the person ignored you everyone around stared right into your eyes. Like pause, stare, awkward, back to reality. 

Anyways, later on I met that same girl on my way out of collehe and she called my name and said hello! Grace. How are you? And I was like I’m fine. So,  I guess either she didn’t see me and I thought she did or she realised she ignored me, made up for it. Either ways I felt like I overreared in my head lol. 

Later on, I explained to the other friend of mine about the incident and she narrated her bad experience. So, hers was pretty much embareasing.  One of her claas mate was at a party she went to. As usual we try to show that we are not snubbish. She decided to wave at her classmate who was walking right towards her. She smiles and waved a hello and the girl was smiling & waving back. But, only a matter of few seconds the girl walked past her and then she realises she was smiling& waving at someone behind her. My friend was with her boyfriend. She felt so embarrassed to the core. 

So I guess there are some people who are snubs. Sometimes, they might just not have seen you or are preoccupied with things in their head. Because my bestie then would do the same thing. I would be waving at her and she wouldn’t wave back even though I was few distance in front of me. I would get pissed and tell her she was a snub. But, then she explained that she couldn’t see properly if someone was far off from her. She wore glasses. So from then on I just didn’t wave at her. I just walked towards her direction and meet her at a close point. 

Do share your experiences if you ever had an embarrassing encounter like this. 😁😀I would love to hear some to know that maybe I’m not wierd to think so much about stuff like this. Im pretty sure I’m not. I’m sure many of you guys have funny ones to tell. 

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  1. I remember navigating these waters and fretting about the actions and thoughts of others. I tended to add a lot more drama to the situation than there really was. One of the nice things about getting/being old is none of that matters anymore. We can only control our own behavior and have the choice whether to be kind or not. As simple as that.

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    1. Yea. Maybe it comes with age. You get older. You hv experienced so much that now you know what are important and what is not. The maturity and understanding improves as you get older. When we are young. Things are still fresh in our mind but when you hv experiences such for a while. You tend to hv a mechanism to shield you from not being worried or adding unnecessary stress to you life.

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  2. Hi Grace 🙂 I battle thoughts like that sometimes. I go and say hello to someone and then the way they say hello back sounds really unenthusiastic. That bothers me at times depending on my mood. Other times people are trying to say hello to me and I’m not even paying attention so I look like the snob, it works both ways. Sometimes out of fear I don’t even bother saying hello to people I’m not too sure about. The best way we can deal with this is to always make the effort to say hello. If the other person wants to be a snob then it’s their loss

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    1. Yeah I get it though. I get the fear too sometimes. But I try to rate the relationship I hv with the person first before I like say hello. If I hv a good relationship I feel more confortable. But I guess u just hv to get past the fear and don’t care. Cz it’s not the end of the world right?.

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      1. I rate the relationships too and it has stopped me from saying hello at times but you make a good point. It’s not the end of the world if someone ignores you and overtime you might not really care. I’ll be working on this too

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  3. My mind tends to wander and because of this, I sometimes unconciously ignore people who are saying hello to me 🙂 so when it’s done to me, I kinda understand 🙂

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  4. I had a person hug me, pat my back and ask after my kids by name. I tried to make her feel comfortable as she must have known… really, known me. I didn’t know her, recognise or even have a flicker inside that made me think I could have. I said we must catch up soon but I knew I wouldn’t how could I. All this happened in my place of work and my staff realised straight away. I wish I could have the answer but hope that I didn’t make her too uncomfortable.

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  5. I’m terrible at recognizing people out of the context in which I know them. Even worse, I’m rather shy and usually give off a ‘don’t bother me’ vibe.

    I’ve finally reached that stage where I will smile and/or say hi to anyone I meet eyes with out in public – and I now make a point of looking at people in the eyes!

    Complete random stranger? I don’t care. It doesn’t cost anything, it makes me feel good, and hopefully makes someone else feel good who really needs it.

    Sometimes I get a blank stare in return – I assume it’s just surprise (who was the woman, anyway?) and more times than not, I get a smile, a nod, a hello in response.

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  6. Awww. Yeah. I use to have people smile at me when I don’t even know them. Before I would be like why you smiling. I would b blank. N now I just realised that it actually is just pretty awesome. N I basically smile back but only to women not guys lol. I don’t want to send the wrong signal to any random guy on the street smiling at me. But yeah I do that now .


  7. People used to stare at my wheelchair so I started decorating it like a big flamboyant float at a parade. Now I know why people stare and I’m in on the joke so it’s a win-win situation.

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