Review on season 7. Got series. πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

After the long waiting and the anxious blood pumping feeling of watching season 7 episode 1 of Got series. It was just so satisfying and unbelievable. As the sound of the introduction played, every Got fan knows how they felt. I was literally restless, my heart was pumping blood, my body couldnt be still. That’s how season 7 episode 1 felt like.

But, did season 7 live upto the expectations? I must say for me it didn’t. It went a little down a notch as compared to season 1- season 6. Did they rush a lot ? Yes. Why was it rushed is all I can think of. Everything felt so fast foward that it made me feel sad that my favorite tv show couldn’t just continue with the amazingNess that it had been. Don’t get me wrong I watched it all till the end because who wouldn’t ? After waiting for so long.

Firstly, let me dive into the fact that little finger the greatest manipulator/snake in the history of game of thrones had to die with just split of a second. I tell you no he didn’t deserve to die a quick death. I have never questioned death scenes in game of thrones but this one was just disappointing ( no I’m not a serial killer lol ) but that’s what this series gets you immune to.

Okay aside from the fact that little finger’s death wasn’t the only disappointing aspect of this most awaited season. Uncle benjen, known as benjen stark who is known for coming to save the day showed up as an angel in times of terrors. Trust me I was so happy to see him. The fact he hadn’t developed as a character. His death was uncalled for. The scenergy definitely made no sense. Benjen could have drove with Jon to safety and had more air time in the season.

The highly super powers and time travel that had possessed this season was out of this world. Yes that was sarcasm. It was pathetic. As a fan of this series , I wouldn’t mind 6 more season added as long added every action was justified. But, I guess sadly I’m not as excited as I am supposed to be for season 8. But I am still going to watch it.

The highlights at the same time heartwrenching moment for me would be the death of Viserion. Who would have thought in their wildest dream that this would have taken a drastic turn. Though, I must say I don’t disagree with this plot twist because it added to the emotional play on the viewers to be tempted to see how it plays of in season 8. But, I must say the sex scene towards the end of this season was what caused chaos in my mind. Dany and Jon having sex with tyrion confusingly being there aware of that moment makes me question what his play in the next battle will be.

Hopefully, season 8 lives upto expectations. Well, finally we get to see the fight that is mist awaited or maybe not. The count down is on again till we get to watch season 8 episodes.
I give season 7 🌟🌟🌟 stars. It could have been worth 2 stars but because I still love game of thrones. 3 stars it is.

Questions I have for season 8.
1. What part does tyrion play In the battle? The fact that he is seen outside the door when the craziest sex scene happens tells me something is up. Will we see the death of tyrion in season 8 ? I mostly pray no.

2. Also the fight betwenn dany’s dragons will be something to watch.

3. Jamie betrayal and the death of cersie ?

4. The birth of a new born ?

Let’s see because winter is here. Many questions to be answered.

5 Replies to “Review on season 7. Got series. πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ”

  1. I agree with your review. Still looking forward to season 8 though because at the end of the day, whatever flaws there were in this last episode… it is still GOT and therefore it is anticipated highly πŸ˜€


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