10 things to do when you start a new Job

So, I just recently joined a new company. Before I started I was wondering how I would get along with the employees at this new Job. Also, most of all like everyone. I was hoping I make new friends so I don’t end up being bored. But I followed these few steps. It has been great so far. I have new friends at work. We laugh and work at the same time. Atleast now I don’t have to worry about not wanting to get up in the morning to go to work. I’m always happy to go and most of all I love my job.

Most of the things you could do in order to fit into your new job are as follows :

If you have chosen the job that you feel passionate about then you have the first step checked. I love the job I chose so all that was left to fit in with the people I have to work with everyday.

So, let’s get to the first step.

1) Dress to Impress

The way you dress on your further day will set the tone to how people will see you or interact with you. Dress confidently but not too out there. Let people know you are confident with the way you dress but also that you are approachable.

2) Be polite

When you begin a new job. The main thing is to not rub off as snobbish or rude to any of your colleagues. You will be spending many days, months or years with those people. So be careful how you interact with them. Be cauteous and also polite.

3) Focus on work

Yes, this is the time your boss will expect you to show them why they hired you in the first place. You cannot be lazy with work or not be focused on it. Show them you are a hard worker and they made the right choice by choosing you for the job.

4) Be attentive

Now, this means you should be aware of your surroundings. Stay alert. Understand how things function at your new work place. Know who does what and make sure you are paying attention when you are being taught something new.

5) Be positive

Everyone wants to be around someone who is positive, alive and happy. Make sure your energy is vibrant and people around you can feel it from a distant. Your colleagues will want to be friends with you if they get good vibes from you.

6) Make friends

This does not mean you go around trying to talk to every single person forcefully. Be cordial. Try to talk to people who approach you. Make friends in the most natural way. Don’t force anything. Having friends at work will make work life easy and happy.

7) Always be on time

I know this should be your number one priority. You new office will monitor your timings. When you come in to work and when you leave. So make sure you are coming in on time and leaving after finishing your hours of the day. You don’t want to lose your job because you are always late. So sleep early. Get up early. Start your day with a new mind and get to work right on time.

8) Be punctual

The first few months try not to take too many sick leaves or not show for days. That would be very unprofessional and no job would tolerate such a lazy behaviour. So make sure you are taking care of your health so you don’t fall sick often and try to show up to work every single day.

9) Be open to corrections

Sometimes, being the new employee can be tough. You will make a lot of mistakes and you will be corrected thousands of times for not doing something right. Be open to suggestions and make sure you listen so you don’t make the same mistakes again. Every has to face the heat someday. You might as well just put your chin up, shove all your ego aside and learn.

10) Be helpful

This is very important. When someone needs your help at work. Do not hesitate to help them out if it is within your strength. The more you support your colleagues, the more they will learn to value you. Overall, a valuable employee is one that will always stick around longer.

I hope you guys benefited from this article. If you are beginning a new job. All the best and hope you are blessed everyday at your new job.

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Review on “Room”, 2015 starrs Brie larson and Jacob tremblay. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

“Room” is an adaptation film made on the novel written by Emma donoghue. A well written and directed movie which depicted the the intricate detailed elements of the book so well. The movie starrs brie larson who plays the mother of Jacob tremblay, who brings about a change when he turns five years old.

The movie begins with Jack and his Ma (Brie larson) day to day life inside a room. Jack sees the room as his only perception of the world and everything that defines the outside world as fairytale. He is never made to feel like there could be anything outside the four walls that he and ma live in.

Jack doesn’t know that his Ma was kidnapped when she was 17 years old and has been held captive since then. He doesn’t know that his Ma is being raped everyday by her abductor and himself is a product of the relationship ma has with the man that comes in every night and goes for the day.

Brie who plays the mother of jack. She is a protective mother. She makes sure Jack doesn’t know what is going on around. She keeps him locked up in the cupboard so that her abductor doesn’t get him involved. She tries her best to keep him away from what is reality.

But, then when Jack turns 5 years old. His Ma makes a big decision. She tells him what the reality of things is because she knows he is smart and he is old enough to know the truth. Jack doesn’t believe her. He gets angry. He says there is no outside world aside the room. But, she begs him to realise.

Later on, Jack helps ma to get found by the police. He gets them out. He sees the reality of what is outside those four walls. He understood what ma told him.

But, Ma becomes sick. She goes through a mental breakdown. She tries to kill herself. Jack becomes her strength and gets her out of the dark room she got stuck with again. He saves her.


This movie is such an amazing one. It’s script, directing and actors help bring emma donoghue’s book to life. In each detail, dialogues and expression….it’s one of my movie suggestions. A must watch. I might have given too much of information. But, to those who still feel like I haven’t spilled much of the gist. Do go watch it.

If you have any movie suggestions that you would want me to write a review on or just for me to view it.

Do comment and give me a list of must watch movies. It doesn’t matter if it’s not recent. I still would check it out.

When she says no, she means it.

This is something boys, men don’t still understand. When a woman says no. She means no. She isn’t just being shy. She isn’t trying to pretend. No, she isn’t trying to hide the fact that she secretly likes you or want you to touch her body. She simply doesn’t want you to have sex with you.

Is it right for a guy in a relationship with a girl to not listen when his girlfriend says no to him. When has it been right to forcefully have sex without consent. Even when it’s a relationship or marriage involved.

It isn’t right. It is called Molestation. It is called rape. And Yes, they do happen in a relationship as well as when it involves married couples.

When she tells you no. You try to kiss her then slowly grab her breast. She pushes your hands away. But, you try to to touch her down. She tells you no. You place your body on top of her and try to push youself against her.

How is it so hard to understand that she doesn’t want you to do any of that. Yes. You molested her. You disrespected her. You made her feel like she had no say with her body.

Today, many girls, women are victims of molestation and rape in their relationships and marriages and don’t even know it. We refrain from calling it those names because it’s someone we know. We love. We trust. But, when is it okay for people we love and trust to not respect our bodies, our words. When is it okay to be victims of sexual violation just because it’s not a stranger.

Yes, she trusted you. She was at your place. She is married to you. You live together.

We need to educate ourselves about what is right and wrong.

Most of us stay silent. When we shouldn’t. But what is to be done when such happens.

The difficult question we mostly run away from. Do you leave a spouse, boyfriend that constantly violates you sexually? What do we do when such a thing happens?

In my opinion, it is to leave. Seperate yourself from that person. If you aren’t treated right. Never settle for anything lesser than you deserve.


Review on season 7. Got series. 🌟🌟🌟

After the long waiting and the anxious blood pumping feeling of watching season 7 episode 1 of Got series. It was just so satisfying and unbelievable. As the sound of the introduction played, every Got fan knows how they felt. I was literally restless, my heart was pumping blood, my body couldnt be still. That’s how season 7 episode 1 felt like.

But, did season 7 live upto the expectations? I must say for me it didn’t. It went a little down a notch as compared to season 1- season 6. Did they rush a lot ? Yes. Why was it rushed is all I can think of. Everything felt so fast foward that it made me feel sad that my favorite tv show couldn’t just continue with the amazingNess that it had been. Don’t get me wrong I watched it all till the end because who wouldn’t ? After waiting for so long.

Firstly, let me dive into the fact that little finger the greatest manipulator/snake in the history of game of thrones had to die with just split of a second. I tell you no he didn’t deserve to die a quick death. I have never questioned death scenes in game of thrones but this one was just disappointing ( no I’m not a serial killer lol ) but that’s what this series gets you immune to.

Okay aside from the fact that little finger’s death wasn’t the only disappointing aspect of this most awaited season. Uncle benjen, known as benjen stark who is known for coming to save the day showed up as an angel in times of terrors. Trust me I was so happy to see him. The fact he hadn’t developed as a character. His death was uncalled for. The scenergy definitely made no sense. Benjen could have drove with Jon to safety and had more air time in the season.

The highly super powers and time travel that had possessed this season was out of this world. Yes that was sarcasm. It was pathetic. As a fan of this series , I wouldn’t mind 6 more season added as long added every action was justified. But, I guess sadly I’m not as excited as I am supposed to be for season 8. But I am still going to watch it.

The highlights at the same time heartwrenching moment for me would be the death of Viserion. Who would have thought in their wildest dream that this would have taken a drastic turn. Though, I must say I don’t disagree with this plot twist because it added to the emotional play on the viewers to be tempted to see how it plays of in season 8. But, I must say the sex scene towards the end of this season was what caused chaos in my mind. Dany and Jon having sex with tyrion confusingly being there aware of that moment makes me question what his play in the next battle will be.

Hopefully, season 8 lives upto expectations. Well, finally we get to see the fight that is mist awaited or maybe not. The count down is on again till we get to watch season 8 episodes.
I give season 7 🌟🌟🌟 stars. It could have been worth 2 stars but because I still love game of thrones. 3 stars it is.

Questions I have for season 8.
1. What part does tyrion play In the battle? The fact that he is seen outside the door when the craziest sex scene happens tells me something is up. Will we see the death of tyrion in season 8 ? I mostly pray no.

2. Also the fight betwenn dany’s dragons will be something to watch.

3. Jamie betrayal and the death of cersie ?

4. The birth of a new born ?

Let’s see because winter is here. Many questions to be answered.

Review on Voice from the stone starring Emilia clarke. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

When I came across the trailer of this movie, I thought about “Me before you”. I basically loved the movie first of all because I love emilia clarke. I’m a huge fan of her work, her acting is beautiful and she always keeps me captivated by her movements. So I decided I would watch this movie too mostly because she was in it. Yeah, this plays when you are a huge fan of someone. Just like I would watch any movie starring Morgan Freeman, leonardo di caprio , Emma Watson, will smith etc. ( I do have many more but the list is really long ).

For those who haven’t heard about this movie or have heard about it but didn’t watch it. I highly recommend that you do because it is an amazing mix good storyline, mystery , awesome acting and highly spiritual. Though it went in an unexpected turn to a genre that I’m not very keen on. If you talk about ” the Conjuring ” , I’d say I’m never watching that movie. Ps. I hate scary movies not because they are bad but they give me sleepless nights.

The movie talks about a spiritual aspect of this world that I like to dive myself in a bit. Emilia clarke plays a caretaker who cares so much for her patient. She has always been selfless in her movies. 😍 I’m not sure if I should jinx it by telling more details on it. But, I’m sure people reading this may have not watch it and I don’t want to give out all the details before any of you guys watch it. But, it covers all aspect of love, sacrificiality, selflessness, trust, death, pain, belief, spirituality etc.

I guess if any of you guys have watched it then the comment section is available to talk about it. I believe the movie had one thing that I sometimes love. It has a drastic turn that takes me by surprise. I definitely give this movie a 🌟🌟🌟🌟 star. You might say because I’m a huge fan of emilia but mostly I loved the movie too.

Game of thrones season 7. Winter is here!!!!!!!

Season 7 of game of thrones is finally coming to life. I have been waiting. The wait was surely really long but exciting. I can’t wait to see what this season has in store. The blood shed. The mystery unravelling. Who will die. Who will stand tall. The white walkers. Oh my goodness. I’m so pumped up. 

I started watching game of thrones after season 1-6 already had been aired on tv. So I had all the full season to watch without having to wait for episodes to episodes. I was so addicted that I watched it all in 3 days. You can’t believe how long each episode is in each season. But,  me being a very impatient person. I sat in my room for 3 days. Day and night I just watched. Glued and stuck to the storyline. I only got up to pee and poop. I had my food. Water. Everything in my room lol. It was such amazing days. 

Game of thone is an addiction. The characters that it has. The story line. The big personalities.  The buid up. The suspense. The fighting. The swords. Betrayal. Murder. It’s just the best ever series after friends. Though friends is legendary to me but game of thrones is different and getting to legendary or already is. 

When people tell me they haven’t watched got series I just got nuts and wonder why? Because they are seriously missing out on one of the historical tv series ever. 

I know for sure that season 7 is going have so many answers. But,  I fear there would be more suspense. I can’t contain myself. I can’t wait to see the characters grow and fufill their potential. Sadly I have college. I won’t be able to go a full marathon on this season. But I’m sure going to start watching it. The wait was really like it’s been decades already.

Are you a got fan.? If you are. I know you are giggling and having butterflies already lol.

Is Jon snow going to sit on the throne? Who is dying this season? Is sansa going to betray her brother? The starks are definitely going to go big this time. I hope so. I’m excited!!!!!!

In the face of the seven, I declare the wait is finally over. Over!!! !!!

Jon snow vs the white walkers. What will happen?

You lick soaps? 

Well, most of the time when people ask me. Tell me something crazy about you ? Or what is the craziest thing you do? Sometimes when people say, tell me something wierd? I blurt out saying I lick soaps. They look at me in surprise to see if I was joking or not. Though I have kindoff accepted that I have this wierd, scary habit. I still tell people so I can see how they react. But, the reactions are always similar. People say that’s crazy. I am crazy That’s wierd. Some dont shy from saying I am wierd. 😐😐😐😐😐 Some people just don’t understand it or have never heard of it.

Most of the time, I tell people so I can have someone say hey! Girl I do the same crazy thing. Like damn I want that so bad. To meet someone who has this same wierd habit. It all started when I was young, while bathing I found myself licking the soap on my face and from then on there was no looking back. Then, I realised I was getting addicted. When I smell a really flowery lemony flavored soap. My antennas start gigling.  The next thing I know I’m licking it. Thankfully I don’t eat it whole. I just like having a little rub on my tongue and then it goes on from that. As I got older. I stopped using the soap I used for bathing. I kept a special soap I used just for licking. Mostly I found myself licking soaps that were green in color. I don’t know why. Maybe it had lemony flavour.  But I couldn’t resist it. I know, I talk about soap like it’s some Ice cream. But damn,  it taste good. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

The time I started thinking it’s really wierd was when people I told started telling me it’s dangerous. You could die from it. It could kill me. People felt it was wierd and crazy. I didn’t meet anyone who had anything crazier than this. I told people so I get to know if other people did things like this. The only close enough habits were they liked the smell of wet sand. Which I do too. Loving the smell of old book. I do have that same habit. And also the smell of petrol. But no one eating things them though lol.

I researched on it and discovered that it was a addiction called pica syndrome.  Some people told me that maybe I lacked calcium which is kindoff true. But, knowing there was a name of this addiction made me rethink on what could happen to me. It also said that most pregnant women have this same urge. But I’m not pregnant and never have been so why do I do this?. Then I came across stories of people. One made me scared about a boy who could not eat anymore because consuming lots of soap had eaten up the passage through which food goes into your body. Then I read about the chemicals used in making them. Very dangerous to the body.🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

So, now I have stopped keeping soaps in my bag for purposes. I have put aside all the ways I could get tempted to do so. I keep reminding myself that it is dangerous. But, I wish there were soaps that were eatable that would taste the same as the soaps I have and wouldn’t be dangerous. It would just be amazing then I don’t have to worry about dying. 😍😍😍😍

If anyone does this or has a friend who does this. Hmm I’d like to know you lol. Because I feel so alone in my wierd habit. I haven’t met anyone who does. It would be nice to talk to someone who feels this same. Then we could giggle and laugh about all the crazy, funny things we do to not lick soaps.

#This one is one of my favorite. 😍😍😍

I have hidden this soap far away from my reach. Somewhere I feel will take so much of work to get to it. That’s how temping it is.😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

Things other than the physical, The spiritual world. S01e01.

It all started with words like “you know there are beings watching us that we cannot see,  but they surely see us”. My friends and I began to talk about different spiritual encounters at 2:00 at night. Trust me it isn’t a good idea to talk about spirits and ghost late in the night. After having a splendid evening at a really awesome place.  We got home,  changed into our sleeping clothes and since it was our sleepover after a long while.  We decided why not spend the night talking about spiritual beings ( well we didn’t plan it,  things led to that conversation ). Things that are unseen.  Those eyes that watch us in the dark while we sleep.  I guess we are crazy.  

Someone like me who runs away from horror movies. That conversation wasn’t what I wanted to be talking about at midnight. While braiding one of my friends hair.  We began sharing scary incidents that we have come across or have heard people talk about to our hearing. 

My friend began sharing one of spiritual encounters where she and another friend were walking past a well at night. The place was quiet. Not much people around. The only source of light was coming from the moon which was dim. So, during that time her friend was on her period. Like they say, they say……spirits get attracted to people on their period because that time you are all bloody. Sounds scary right? That didn’t go well down my spine. She was like you should never go to places where they say a spirit roams around or go to a grave yard. 

Well you won’t catch me doing that. I’m not a freak. Though I had a friend at school who loved going to the grave yard. Like on a picnic streak. All I was thinking is. Alert!! Alert!! This girl is possessed!! Stay away!! Because she did try to invite me. Which I immediately told her a big capital NO.

So, back with the story. She saw a ghost at the back of her friend. My brain was already having crazy imagination. Literally drawing out what the ghost would look like. How tall the ghost was at the back of her friend. The face. Well, if you have such a brain. It’s a pain in the ass. I’m like I don’t need so much detailing Brain!! I already know how a ghost look like. After, she saw the ghost, she told her friend don’t look back and just Run!! Run!! And that’s how they escaped. I swear if I was the friend it wouldn’t have ended that well because I’d look back. First mistake. Get traumatised if the ghost decided to show its full form to me. And then just stand in shock and fear. Then put my friend in danger of seeing the ghost eat or drink my soul out of my body. Like they say curiousity killed the cat.

This is was one of the scary stories we were tellong eachother. Then, my other friend remembered an experience too. She was like her dad got possessed by a bald whit guys spirit who committed suicide at one of the Apartments down their building. Since,the guy was bald he kept pullin out her dad’s hair. So, they had the spirit removed by a spiritual old man. Yes, I assumed a old man. Because most people who do that are kinda old and have lots of grey hair. 

But, one of the stories or myths that stood with me till date. Even though we spoke about conjuring scenes and other crazy scary things we have heard our parents tell us. This one was what stayed with me. I’m a person who gets up at 3 or 4 at night. I don’t know why. But its like if I sleep early at 10:00. I get up at 2-3 at midnight. Then get so scared and try to go back to sleep. Which isn’t that easy. What I try to do is sleep late at 2 or 3 so I wakeup straight in the morning. 

So the scary talk was that when you get up at midnight. Ok. Alert!! Are you sure you want to read this? Like you have a choice now to either decide not to read or get traumatised like I did. I wish i had a choice that night to not hear it though. Well, if you are curious go ahead.











If you get up at midnight. It means a ghost is standing right besides you and staring down at you. 

You basically get up because of the constant stare. So. Yeah. That scares me everytime. I always time myself right so I don’t get up at midnight to be reminded of this scary talk.

Stay tuned for more scary talks. 

Review on 13 reasons why series.

I have been waiting to write a tell-all of what I think about the famous series, 13 reason why. I knew I had to watch it when everyone around me kept talking about how it made them emotional. How they loves the suicide part of the series ? Yes, a friend of mine can’t stop talking about how hannah killed herself so gracefully. My eyes literally popped up in surprise like how does suicide become graceful ? Or how does someone slitting her hand and bleeding to death was so beautifully enacted.  I just can’t get my head wrapped around that thought process though.

The series begins with clay entering school. Posters , flowers and the atmosphere talks about the tragic death of hannah baker. Someone who I think was so difficult to understand. Was she like a normal teenager ? Yes, I guess but her path was really rough and she was a naive little girl. I’m someone who cries in movies. I literally love movies that make me cry because then I feel It impact me. Such movies are considered legendary like titanic, the notebook, passion of christ, etc.

 But, for some reason I didn’t cry much. Even when hannah died in a pool of her own blood. I think I was a little disconnected from Hannah because of the way she rejetted clay who loved her. She wanted the attention of the wrong people. She was constantly getting into trouble. I don’t condole bullying and yes I get the story line. People need to be mindfully the words they speak, how they treat other people, the actions they make, the way they live their lives should never be at the cost of someone else. It just takes one word, one action, one situation to drive someone to commit suicide.

Maybe, I just didn’t think that all those things shouldn’t encourage you to kill yourself.  My heart didn’t go with the fact that she killed herself. Many people in today’s world go through so much but don’t take their lives because they just got stronger. Maybe at the end of the episode I expected hannah to become stronger, to rise above the situation, to finally find happiness within, to stop seeking people’s love, to mature and grow. But, I didn’t get that. 

Instead she committed suicide. She gave up. She didn’t get stronger. She lost her life. And I couldn’t cry. 

The producers no doubt did a good job in bringing to light different situations that students go through in college. The constant fight to not be invincible. The betrayal of friends. Being bullied. Being humiliated. The college staffs not being attentive enough to tackle such things before a student loses their life. So I get the part where the bakers sue the school for negligence. But, can a school try to be all attentive? Maybe yes or no. But, they could try to. 

But, I believe that as a part of media. People who make movies, series, songs etc have a huge responsibility to the media consuming society as to what they put out there for viewing. I feel like the issue of suicide should have been put together more carefully. Due to the fact that there are teenagers out there that believe in whatever they see through the mind. People who aren’t strong enough to create opinions of their own and are easily influenced by the contents of the media. Yes, the series kindoff justified commuting suicide which is what I didn’t agree to. Recently, a teenager committed suicide and enacted the same things hannah baker did. Which is to tell you how powerful a message could be if put together by a media platform. Though it was fictional but it gave a reality to many young people out there.

So, to all the Hannah bakers out there. Please don’t take your life. I want you to know that you are not alone in your suffering. When faced with such bully. Kindly confide in your parents. Dont give up on them because they love you. Know you are loved. You don’t need gratification from people that don’t make any difference in your life. You have a bright future. Nothing is ever permanent. You will get through it. You are strong and not weak. You are an amazing person. Most of the people that are successful and are great have been through ridicule, bullies, shameful incidents but what matters is they got out of it and became great. You have the abilit to be great. Don’t give up on yourself.