Procrastination has come to an end. First blog post

Is anyone a victim of procrastination? EVERYONE. ME. LOL. I say I want to do so many things but never end up doing it. I’m pretty sure anyone living on this planet called earth has this same disease. Yes, I sometimes think I’m sick because I keep procrastinating about many important things in my life. When I say important things, yes it’s the important things in life we keep at the side accumulating dust in a dark room somewhere at the back of our brain. Yes, a dark room filled with dark secrets. Ha. 

Blogging has been something I have always wanted to do. Thank fully wordpress is helping me bring it to life. I want to share so many experiences, life teachings, mistakes , etc using this platform so that I can help people in some sort of way. To know that they are not the only one going through difficult things and that they can learn from my life, my mistakes, hopefully teach them things that they never could have learnt about different issues. I am someone who gies online to loom for answers when it comes to relationships, love, etc. So hopefully I do the same for people who go online to search for things that they don’t really understand. Trusting that I am able to impact people I’m a positive manner. Not to criticise or judge but to share my world with people all over the world.