Why a woman shouldn’t say yes to living in relationships.

Yes, this is to all my ladies out there. I just want to share my views on living in relationships in a woman’s perspective. Hey hey, I’m living with my boo. That’s oh! You are so lucky!. Why ladies? Just why? I’m pretty sure there is no lady out there that hasn’t dreamt of what she would wear on her wedding day. What her dress would look like? How her perfect dream man would propose to her in a fairytale arrangement. 

No doubt that we women think about this. Now I know some ladies love the fact that they can takecare of their man, cook for him, be the perfect woman he could ever want. But, why are you in a hurry woman ?? Why you taking the role of a wife before he popped the question or even think of getting married to you? 

This just amazes me. Yes, some might get lucky. But most of us just sit and wait. And wait. And wait.  Till we get past 10 abortions, bruised eyes, emotionally drained, manipulation, physically spent etc etc to finally see clearly that we have been wasting years praying that he would pop the question. Finally when you break up with him. He gets married to his perfect dream girl in just months of dating. 

Ironic, you think. But, why would you think he was going to marry you in the first place. When you put him in a comfortable and the best position ever. He gets his regular sex when needed. He gets you to cook for him. Etc You shown him your self worth is just nothing but if he treated you like his wife, he didn’t have to marry you. Since you already got him acting like your husband without popping the question. Then why you get mad when he hasn’t asked you to marry him? Then don’t get upset if he pops the question to someone who he thinks actually wants to get matried.  Isn’t it so obvious that he thinks you dont care about the ring on the finger. Stop decieving yourself if you do care about him putting a ring on your finger and move out of the house. Asap. Ladies, Don’t let him dry you up that you have no more surprises left. A man wants a woman that would make he run the miles. That wouldn’t be easy. That would respect herself. Have values. A woman that knows what she wants. And what is this generation turning into.? I have a friend. She is 19 year old. Already living with her 25 year old boyfriend. Like girlfriend, you have 25 years till forever ( I guess the age women start thinking of marriage or get married.  ) yes till forever to be a wifey. Why rush into it so soon? Having risk of getting yourself pregnant and abortion is the next option because you are too scared to be a young mama.

 And your boyfriend is too scared to be a father. But funnily both of y’all are not scared to have sex. How do you want to live everyday getting pregnancy scares. Its stressful. A man that is okay with you aborting a baby has no intention of marrying you. 

If you made the mistake once, don’t make the same mistake twice. He isn’t the right man for you. Break up with him. Ladies, we need to stop being so easy. Hold yourself well. Because at the end of the day a man will marry someone who he respects. Be carefull. Stay safe. Do what is right.

20 Replies to “Why a woman shouldn’t say yes to living in relationships.”

  1. Very well written and good subject matter. I agree with most of it but not all. In this day and age marriage is not so highly thought of as before, so I understand why some men do not pop the question. In fact some are from broken families themselves (my bf included) and so do not think of marriage as necessarily a good thing. I see what you mean though, generally women do need to rediscover their own self respect – girls if you cannot respect yourself, how can you ever expect a man to respect you?!

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    1. Yeah. Exactly. Most of the time when I hear of situations where a girl complains about being with a guy for 10 years and he hasn’t asked her to marry him. Yes, I’m not ruling out that a guy could have cold feet due to growing up in a broken family. But trust me girl. Most of the time, it isn’t just the case. I observed that the girl made him too comfortable that he didn’t feel the need. And most of the time we women deceive ourselves and say he needs time. I’m speaking for women who have been with a guy for over 5 years. What is he still waiting for? How do you explain a guy who tells a lady to abort 9 babies and has been with her for over 10 years. Didn’t ask her to marry him. She had to come to realisation and move on. I’m talking about immature men. Men who just are flat out selfish. Not every man is this way. Not every situation is like this. But all I’m saying is we women need to be careful with the way we give our bodies, our time, our dedication to a man who will later on put a ring on another woman who he just met. Hope you understand where I’m coming from? I may not be totally right. But I say this out of different stories I have heard from different women around me.


  2. Oh ok, yes I understand complete now Gracebey. You explained it very well. And yes I do agree with you in those situations you have described above (sorry it took me so long to reply, I think it missed this accidentally on my notifications). Once again very well done for writing such a thought-provoking post, very interesting

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    1. Thanks babe. I hope I passed across my views in a manner that is appropriate. N yeah been a long time we conversed. Hope u doing good. Take care. God bless.


      1. You did don’t worry. I think you always manage to get your views across sensitively and that is a good skill to have. True it has been a while since we spoke. I am doing well well thank you and I hope you are too – just working on my next blog post, between working full time at my day job! Haha – oh the life of a writer 😛

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      2. Thank you so much. Even I hv been so busy. Hvnt had time to work on my post. Been packed with college assignments. So get really tired. I know. The life of a writer. Sigh.


      3. I love it thanks 🙂 I work a full time job doing admin in the day then in the evenings and weekends (anytime I get a min really) I focus on my writing. Sometimes inspiration comes at the most random time like the middle of the night or at work or out with friends, and I have to jot it down for later! This weekend I will write when I get a min…. perhaps I will have a new post ready to publish on my blog by next week

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    1. I’m so grateful for your comment. I thought I’d be too opinionated. Maybe a little. But I just had to speak my mind about this because I know many women that complain abt this issue a lot and I figured maybe this shudnt be taken lightly. Thank you once again for your support and ur views. Really appreciate it. ❤ ❤

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    1. Wow. I can’t believe that people would agree. When I was posting this . I figured that many people would disagree and I would be damned. But thanks for being in agreement with me. 😊

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