I’m just not into birthdays anymore. 

Yesteryday was my birthday. June,19th, 2017. Yeah! Wohooo!. There was once upon a time where birthdays mattered a lot. I would be counting the days as it was getting closer and closer. The rush you get from the wait is something that I can’t describe. So much anxiety. Lol. I would already start thinking about people who are supposed to wish me without fail.


If they forgot, yes they would be in deep trouble with me ( such intensity). The birthday gifts are the best of all. You want everyone to give you presents. You pray to God, give him a list of things you want him to make people to give you. Ha. Funny I know. But when you get older. Is it getting less exciting? Do you wakeup not even remembering sometimes until you get people wishes on your phone or on facebook? Then you realise oh! Oops! It’s my birth day!  Then you go back to your routing for the day. I wokeup not feeling like anything special. Birthdays are overrated now. I went to college. Had my friends wish me. Came home. Replied to all my birthday wishes ( thank God people remembered hahahaha). Cut the cake with family. Went to sleep early. Well, it went good. Not much drama. Just very simple and nice. Maybe it’s because of age I feel this way. But I guess everyone is different. It’s not that I don’t recognise it but I can do without it. A friend told me that she decided to not have her birthday date on facebook so that peoplw dont know but on her birthday no one wished her ( yeah people get to know your birthday because of the Facebook notification lol, thank you facebook) and she felt really bad. I guess maybe if people didn’t wish me I would feel bad. But, I feel less attached to my birthday as I’m getting older.


Some people don’t even acknowledge it ( people like my father who wouldn’t wish me because he didn’t believe in it and when we cut the cake in front of him. He still didn’t sing) . So that is to show that there are people who don’t even want to acknowledge it. But we still have to respect their decision. Birthdays are awesome. But I guess growing up isn’t.  You gain more responsibility.  Pepole will remind you how old you are when you do something immature.  You can’t act immature no more. Atleast that is what I think. I feel I have gained another year which means more maturity. More reasons to be responsible. I don’t know if it is what happens when you cross your 20 and you start thinking philosophical about everything and anything. So yeah. I’m just not into birthdays anymore. But, I love to eat my chocolate almond cakes. Ha.

11 Replies to “I’m just not into birthdays anymore. ”

    1. Ha. Mine was on 19 June. We almost bday buddies. Bt yeah now I feel like I don’t want parties and celebrations to show any acknowledgement. 🙂 I don’t mind people wishing but not the celebrations. I gues it happens as u grow older.


  1. I hided my birthday from Facebook this year because I wanted the people that know me well to send me private messages…. guess what?! Few remembered! But that’s ok, that’s how one knows true friends from pretend friends and yeah Happy belated birthday!!!!!

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    1. Awww thanks and you are right. That’s how you know who actually remembers your bday. Not essentially a way to know a true friend. Becz I’m someone dat doesn’t remember birthdays. I’m bad with numbers lol


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