Cruel children left dog to die after covering him in glue.

I still get shocked when I hear something like this happen. I wonder why? What has this animal done to deserve this traumatic treatment. More suprising when it is from kids. Like how were this kids raised by their parents to be able to feel nothing when they cause another living thing to suffer. What are their parents teaching them at home? 

Pascal was found at an industrial estate in instantly, Turkey. He was left to die after being dipped from head to toe in glue and thrown into a mud pit. A stray dog left to die without any valid reason as to what crime he had done. He was traumatised and alone. 

He was found by He’Art of rescue charity where he was nursed back to life. A month of being rescued, Pascal had an amazing fast recover and is being showered with lots of love from the staff of He’Art of rescue. Definitely there are angels still in this world. 

Also, a fighter. Pascal has fought his way out of Parva. He is fully cured. What an amazing fighter. He has also found a new friend and is getting back his energy. A beautiful family is been looked out for him. 

I’m so thankful that someone tooked care of him. Everyone deserves a chance at life. Stop hurting animals. Parents get involved in the lives of your children to know what they are doing. I pray for justice and peace in this our crazy world. Please do send your support in little ways you can to the He’Art of rescue charity for the awesome work they are doing. 

18 Replies to “Cruel children left dog to die after covering him in glue.”

    1. Such a handsome dog. Cuteness beyond definition. I wonder how people can hurt such an animal. The sad part is they don’t do anything to humans to be treated this way. In india it’s even more worse. They neat up dogs, cut their legs, do so many other things just for fun.

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      1. Grace B, this dog that humans (children) tortured, was in Turkey, not India. Nor does how women are ‘targeted’ for sexual, etc. abuse in India have anything to do w/ what was done to this dog.

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      2. I didn’t really write India. I wrote turkey regards to the dog. About the women issue. It came up in regards to my poem on women issues. So basically cruelty to anyone is just not right. Women, men, animals etc. The issue of India was relating to my poem. Which was inspired by many things happening in India and also around the world. But I stay in India so I basically said India. I didn’t mean to offend anyone though.


    1. I know. It’s very surprising that children can be so mean to a cute little pooch. I don’t know what this generation of teenagers are turning into. I pray God keeps Pascal from such people and bless his helpers.


    1. And the sad part is teenagers doing stuff like this. I wonder what this generation is turning into. Full of evil and bullies everywhere. Trying to bring others dwn both human beings and animals too. 😦


  1. How horrible and cruel. I hope those kids are held accountable and punished severely. No animal deserves that- I’m so glad someone found find and rescued him..🙋🐦

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